Mobile Application Development

                  As the world advances, technology is now on-the-go, especially your mobile devices. Going mobile is the number 1 choice to streamline your business operations and tackle the most viral communication market. Develop your mobile applications now using comprehensive mobile application services for both iOS and Android, with Orient Software.

                  Why Orient?

                  We build mobile solutions to improve your business effectiveness and efficiency. With long experience developing mobile applications, we have a strong knowledge base to guide you along the process of mobile application development.

                  Strong UX and UI expertise

                  We have a highly trained UX and UI team who takes care of all the smallest details in design, and develop the ultimate Look and Feel for higher engagement. All staff at Orient Software is trained in UX and UI to make sure that all mobile applications look exquisite and stunning, to capture the respondents’ interest right on the spot.

                  Long experience in mobile apps

                  With our long history in developing software, we are a strong partner in helping you build any kind of mobile app. Whether you’d like to improve employee productivity, launch a new popular consumer app, or make the best mobile game in the market, we provide solutions for your app development needs that will increase enterprise mobility and stimulate growth.

                  Agile practices lead to faster delivery

                  We use the Scrum framework which allows us to work agilely in short sprints. This produces rapid results and reduces application’s time to market, as well as improving the whole process’ transparency. We also encourage your feedback as the project is updated fully in real time through daily reports, video calls, email updates and onsite visits.

                  Reduced cost with mobile test automation

                  To encourage long-term quality control, all our mobile applications are tested through constant automation testing for stability and consistent, accurate results. This way, your application will be guaranteed error-free and all bugs can be addressed and treated instantly, keeping the quality top-notch at all time.

                  How We Do It - Mobile Strategy

                  At Orient Software, we collaborate with you to develop your mobile strategy. We use structured, well-organized methods in our mobile app development, ensure that you receive top-quality solutions for your business and meets your desired outcome.


                  We believe that everything from wireframes to screen designs for the mobile app should be established before we write any code. Our experience has proven that such preparation in advance generally lessens the likelihood of unexpected issues coming up later.


                  Project Management

                  We always strive to ensure deliver your project timely and meet your specs. The project manager we assign to you will act as your main point of contact for all information related to your project, up to date with your mobile application development status and answer your questions.


                  UX and Design

                  There is nothing better than a beautiful user interface with a seamless user experience. Our creative mobile design experts create modern and unique designs appropriate for mobile screens that offer a great user experience.


                  App Development

                  After understanding fully your requirements and criteria, we work together with you to develop an application that not only fulfills all your expectations using our skills and experience, but also showcases our mutual effort and acts as a token of dedication.


                  Quality Assurance

                  Our specialized QA team performs thorough testing to ensure the applications we develop are bug-free and smooth-functioning. We do take suggestions for improvements seriously, and our QA are able to suggest ways to improve the product in addition to finding bug.


                  Launch and Maintenance

                  Our professional app developers not only assist you in deploying your app but also offer app maintenance programs that are customized for your app to ensure timely updates and smooth functioning on all devices and platforms.


                  Areas of Expertise

                  We are experts in Native mobile application, Cross platform app development using Hybrid technologies and Mobile web apps. If you are wondering which one is the most suitable for your needs, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation session.

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